Clash for the County

Yet another Election Day has come to pass. While there were no presidential candidates on the ballot this year, voters across the country went to the polls on November 5 to have their say in several important state and local elections. Three gubernatorial races came to a close, most notably in Kentucky, where Democratic candidate … Continue reading Clash for the County

Reassessments and Repercussions

A recent property reassessment has created shockwaves across the city, sending Buffalo homeowners and renters into a state of alarm. This past September, property owners were notified by the City that homes would be reassessed citywide for the first time since 2001. Since then, thousands of properties in every neighborhood around the city have increased … Continue reading Reassessments and Repercussions

Pressure in the Persian Gulf

Originally published in the Silent Noise on June 8, 2019. In recent months, foreign relations between the United States and its Middle Eastern adversary Iran have taken a turn for the worse. Four years ago, with President Obama and the United Nations’ signing of the landmark nuclear deal, the long-standing tense relationship between the US … Continue reading Pressure in the Persian Gulf