The Rise and Fall of Andrew Cuomo

In 2020, Andrew Cuomo was a political powerhouse - but in 2021, New York’s scandal-ridden governor finds himself in hot water. During the earlier stages of the pandemic, Cuomo was perceived by many New Yorkers as a beacon of leadership amidst the chaos of Covid. His Emmy-winning daily press conferences served as modern fireside chats, … Continue reading The Rise and Fall of Andrew Cuomo

Biden Triumphs, Trump Defiant

In any normal year, Americans would have dealt with the stress and suspense of a presidential election for just one night. However, as the past eleven months have made abundantly clear, this is not a normal year.  In an era defined by uncertainty, who expected this election to be predictable? For months, pollsters attempted to … Continue reading Biden Triumphs, Trump Defiant

Mail-In Voting: Vice or Virtue?

The 2020 presidential election kicked off predictably, but we’ve now found ourselves in an unforeseen and unprecedented set of circumstances. Most extraordinarily, a national election seems to be quite low in our concerns at the moment - a pandemic forced humanity into a state of lockdown for over twelve weeks, killing a hundred thousand Americans, … Continue reading Mail-In Voting: Vice or Virtue?

Primary Pandemonium

Primary seasons are rough. To some, they seem unbearably prolonged. By nature, they bring out inter-party division and drama, weeding out the weak over several months. With Democrats disheartened after Donald Trump’s victory in November of 2016, the next election essentially began in spirit the second Hillary Clinton missed the mark. A million whispers spread … Continue reading Primary Pandemonium

Railway Resistance

In recent months, protests have descended upon New York City subways. Seas of demonstrators have overtaken underground stations and streets above demanding sweeping reforms to the MTA, the city’s extensive rail network. Images of crowds hurtling turnstiles en masse, electronic card readers smothered in glue, and police clashing with protesters have circulated the media. The … Continue reading Railway Resistance

Are you getting drafted?

The short answer: no, but it’s complicated. Last year, this newspaper published an article detailing soaring tensions between the United States and the Islamic Republic of Iran following controversy over an Obama-era treaty which put a damper on Iran’s nuclear proliferation. Iran, arguably the US’ most powerful adversary in the Middle East, had suffered crushing … Continue reading Are you getting drafted?

Impeachment of a President

Originally published in the Silent Noise in December of 2019. A certain electricity in the air has overtaken the political climate of the country in the past several weeks. An event of historic proportions is taking place before our very eyes:  Donald Trump, the forty-fifth president of the United States, is facing impeachment. As of … Continue reading Impeachment of a President