New Year’s Resolutions for 2021

  1. Always have something to look forward to. If you can’t think of anything, create one. Seeing a friend, watching the Bills game, going for a hike, whatever – we can’t do much beyond leaving the house, given the current circumstances. Still, humans have continually proven to be resourceful in a bind like ours. Give yourself a reward for getting through another week, because in times like these, that’s no easy task. 
  2. When your head hits the pillow each night, ensure that you can name something you accomplished that day. If your accomplishment was doing nothing, so be it. Just ask yourself whether you’ve earned it. If you decide you have not, that it was merely another one of Earth’s rotations wasted, pay it back by making tomorrow especially productive – and don’t let your debts pile up. 
  3. Do not make the sanctimonious assumption that your hunch outweighs the research of experts. I promise, however benevolent your intentions, their advanced degree is more reliable than your Google search. It’s fine to question authority, to not accept ideas blindly, but please – in matters of life and death, trust the people who know best for the sake of yourself and those around you.
  4. Reconnect with nature. It’s easy to find yourself trapped between four walls and a roof. Once in a while, when you need to reset, turn off your phone and go for a walk in the park. Explore your region – there may be a natural wonder right under your nose. It’s irreplicable, the feeling of simply being in a place which is seldom tainted by man’s footprint. Appreciate it while you still can.
  5. Seek out the beauty in life, because you will undoubtedly find it where you’d never expect it. There is joy in places your eyes have passed over a million times. If you walk outside and look for the color blue, you will find blue. It’s something that was previously irrelevant to you, but you’ve never taken the time to notice it. Likewise, whenever you feel like you’re stuck in a vacuum, that all the happiness in your life has been expended, there is always an unspent smile left to spare.

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