New Year’s Resolutions for 2020


Let the future arrive by itself, as it inevitably will. Consider the immortal words of Ferris Bueller: “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” Make a point to cherish the present before it becomes the past, because once it does you’ll look back and wonder why you forgot to appreciate it. Don’t waste your life waiting for it to be over. 


Extend your being into something beyond yourself. Dedicate your time to creation and contribution toward a tangible end product, an impact you would like to see in society. Perhaps you will manifest yourself in music or painting. It could be a non-profit or a travel blog. Leave something in your footprints to remind the world of that moment. Every minute you live should have a legacy. 


Do not fall victim to the temptation of blissful ignorance. It’s convenient to recline and let the powers that be exert themselves unchecked, but the second you become uninformed is the second you become idle and complacent. It is valiant to live as a crusader for truth, as a crucial step in creating change is being well-read in the affairs of the world. Take part in society’s discourse with a mind filled to the brim with accurate and relevant information.


“I don’t want to hear it” may be the most dangerous phrase in the English language. Consider viewpoints which are different from your own and criticize them to your conscience’s content. Examine foreign arguments from every angle, poking holes and patching spots in your own mindset, but do not build a wall around your brain. When you stick up your nose at an idea rather than challenging it logically, you create division and factions between people. Don’t choose to hide behind an ideology or a party line. Live in dialogue, not monologue. 


Yearn for the diversity of mind. Humans love to judge and generalize when confronted with something with which we aren’t familiar or comfortable. Society is rapidly becoming less homogeneous in today’s world, and we have an obligation to run parallel to such progress with our behavior. Diversity is naturally occurring, but we choose how to process it. In this new progressive era we have the power to embrace what makes us distinct. Tolerance does not require condonation, so it is possible to live harmoniously alongside those who are different. Simply put, don’t judge. If someone has tattoos and piercings, don’t act as if they’re piercing you. Let people wear what they like and marry who they love. Respect and uphold people’s right to be different.

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